Glad I Never Recommended Mastodon

But here is something to consider, if you had any minor doubts about joining: on Mastodon in particular, there is no quality control about how the “rules” they so enforce, are enforced. You can have an administrator that’s absolutely fascist: I’ve already blacklisted a couple of instances of Blue instances from federating with me, if and when I get it running.

It could be that I did get a bunch of complaints about being off-topic, however the major issue is whether that matters enough to ban someone for a week. Consider the fact that the main method you know Mastodon determines their topic, is based on the title of the URL. This is not how humans were designed to interpret topics: even places like Twitter and Wattpad get this very crucial fact.

And they don’t let you edit your post easier, so you’re basically stuck with the post that you got, unless you completely rewrite a comment.

In Wattpad, topics are layed out inside of a Message board, with places having topic title. This is how humans were intended to perceive topics. Topics are not this thing that is implied: in real life a topic is not assumed, unless you go to work or church, everywhere else people don’t give a crap when your topic is.

It’s why the only real people that ban for being off-topic, already have mental problems that make them not suitable for interacting with other people. The admins on Mastodon have this in spades. I’ve only ever met a couple that actually care anything about the free speech they claim to espouse. On Diaspora, yes it has issues with Racism, Transphobia, and other issues. It also have a lot of users who are not this one.

Mastodon is almost implicitly trans phobic, by giving a safe haven for people that basically amount to “transtrenders.” And yes, I will continue to use the term trans trender, whether you like it or not. Because in real life you can’t regulate human speech.

And when you look at the fediverse itself, Mastodon is listed as extremely authoritarian right wing. I would not say this if I were not burned twice there for essentially no reason. But now the listing on it doesn’t surprise me. It’s difficult for individuals to really bloom in such an environment, because its more about some implied rules, rather than social interaction.

But I’m glad I never recommended Mastodon.