Kimmel Interview With Bush About UFOs In Midst Of Vault7 Leak

1. Ex president bush used hand gesture a lot.
2. He repeat several times in a humoured but not joking major he can’t tell him.
 * It should be noted, he also appeared be relatively caught off guard, closing his eyes.
3. He interrupted Jimmy Kimmel confirming that yes, there were things about aliens he couldn’t share.
 * He also fidgeted with his shirt quite a bit as well.
 * From my own experience, I generally do that when I’m nervous.
 * He also interrupted Kimmel mid statement again, indicating he might feel nervous about the topic.

Consider also the fact that Vault 7 leaks had came out, and he might have other security issues in mind.
 * As we know, there is some talk in the UFO community about Assange having received UFO documentation.
 * This was before his accusation by the news of Russian affiliation.

Consider the current political climate with Trump, it seems peculiar they would talk about the UFO alien issue, despite current tensions regarding the Russian connection.

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