Not Everything Is As It Seems

I’m beginning to find it harder and harder to distinguish between those who want Trump the president out, and those who want the president to stay. Worse yet, it seems like increasingly Non-Trumpers are beginning to use the same tactics to try to get ahead.

I had predicted Trump’s win long before the well known news ancor claimed to have predicted it, but because I’m what some people refer to as small potatoes, apparently the fact I had predicted it before hand doesn’t matter much. And really predicting whether he would win matters less than getting him out, yes?

And yet it seems like I can no longer affiliate with people who are wanting to force him out of office on Twitter.

There was this one guy that said you had to be a rich middle class white guy to say “focus on Donald Trump”, and yet had nothing to say when a Lesbian Trans Woman with a disability (PTSD) also feels like people she really focus on trashing Trump.

They’re attacking Ivanka too. I was telling my mom, it would be amusing if it turned out that Melania had actually voted for Hillary. If so, then by definition the anti-Trumpers are beginning to attack some of their own allies to get ahead.

I say this on Diaspora, but not so much on here. With the whole net neutrality thing, I have this feeling all this is a false flag to try to justify an attack on encryption.

Don’t give in.

Encrypt your life.