Semi-Public Key And Luna Networking: A Mini Primer [Security]

Semi-Public Key

Been trying to keep it under wraps, but there are a couple of things I’ve been developing.

One is Semi-Public Key cryptography: only symmetric keys are shared between individuals, but the key itself is symmetric. But each user has a copy of both Alice and Bob’s keys.

Say one wanted to use a one time pad for shared symmetric keys, one can more easily do this, with the added advantage of no transmitting keys like in Public Key.

Luna Networking

Luna networking is using USBs, usb extenders, multi-ports and laptops as mobile servers in order to develop an offline peer to peer file sharing network.

Loosely based on dead drops:

In Luna Networking, rather than a USB being embedded into a wall, I carry USBs around on a glove, although I’m looking into implantable USBs when the technology becomes available.

I simply conmect three laptops together: user one, server laptop, and user two. Simply use multi-ports in order to conmect multiple laptop server routes.

I did some sketches on how one might link up two twelve laptops in a portable file sharing network.

And you would be offline.