Still People…

There are still people that legit believe we do not live under a dystopian society, and that the rest of the world hates us. If you’re using a place like Twitter or Youtube, you’re in absolutely no position to tell people what reality is. At all.

There are alternative websites you can use to publish media, I only use this periodically, but I prefer: Diaspora,, Libertree, Goblin Refuge, Movim, Identica. But this one guy on youtube uses Youtube. Part of the reason I’ve gotten tired of dystopia, and even certain dystopian writers is that they still have this cosy believe America — at this very moment — is not on the verge of becoming a fascist state where software spies on you, and Orange team bombs Syria with a total of 59 moabs, or about half the size of the first Atomic bomb.

Let’s get real for a minute, but this will take some discipline. Actually look at the world around you, but making “horrible writing advice.” Increasingly American high schools are like prisons. I told dad, what exactly is it people in computer classes are really learning? I’ve learned more about computers out of high school when I switched to Linux Mint, than when I had to learn about fucking Windows. The teacher even knew very well, and took advantage of a universal back door in the classroom.

But American isn’t dystopic.

America sells your browser data turning the internet into Facebook, oh but America isn’t dystopic. Trump wins because of Russia, but America isn’t dystopic. Trump wants to put Mexicans in concentration camps, but America isn’t dystopic.

Denial will only get you so far.

Wake up people!

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