The Satanic Temple

Or, why it’s a great group of people but is woefully inadequate to describe my experience.

As a background, I come from the UFO field of study, and then to be one that has a knack for drawing in people like Billy Meier’s field of craziness. Among other things of note. I had left that group around 2011 or so. I was 22 or so at the time, right in the middle of my science fiction writing years, before switching to writing Magic Realism with a science fiction approach.

There was this girl that introduced me to Satanism, specifically The Satanic Temple. I had moved to Washington with the idea of leaving my parents do to some of their gas lighting they were doing to me, although in retrospect it paled in comparison to what this girl I moved with would later to do me, which I had covered in a different post.

I found that while the feeling of ending the tendency of Church to separate from State resonated with me, I found that the girl I was living with had almost no interest in Cryptography. She even admitted so far as to say she didn’t give a shit about privacy or anonymity. That would explain why she used a Ceasar Cipher, instead of … well you know … a One Time Pad. While I wasn’t sure the exact views TST had for cryptography, what I know is their brand of activism was more in the traditional Hippie tradition rather than Cyber Activism.

And yet I found I believed certain things that were not a fit for the purely Atheist tradition of Satanism. For one, Reincarnation was one of things I didn’t disagree with Billy Meier in FIGU, and it had more to do with other issues: Dietary things has absolutely nothing to do with UFOs and Aliens.

But my views have always tended to be more in the world of Buddhist thought, though I’m against things like Establishment Buddhism. And I tend to respect Satan as the great questioner.

So here I am as a slightly theistic leaning Satanist that’s into cryptography. However I also believe in the Seven Tenets of the Satanic Temple. It puts me in a weird position for activism.