Wattpad Vs. Media Goblin [Media Publishing]

The color scheme and the centralization is a lot of the reason I decided to move to Media Goblin from Wattpad, and make an RSS feed aggregator to read people’s blog posts. But the science fiction community there is extremely unpleasant, until like very recently when I started using Media Goblin. Gee I wonder why?

The biggest difference between media Goblin is that it’s like Wattpad, Deviantart, and Youtube put together into one generalized media channel. Some people use it for blogging (like myself) and others use it for pictures and video. While Wattpad technically has a Multi Media feature, the only videos you can post there come from youtube, and pictures have to be uploaded to photobucket before linking to them.

You can kind of work around the external photo issue by uploading the pictures directly to the studio, but this means that Wattpad owns some of your content. I haven’t tried the work around with video though.

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