Building up my first app: Happy Teeth

It’s been more than a year ago when I decided to begin with my Coursera specialization in Interaction Design. I can say that it’s been a long journey, but I really enjoyed it and I’m really happy of all what I learnt. It’s been really interesting although hard sometimes !

Now lets get serious and not sentimental and focus on my prototype :) It’s simple but the benefits are tangible.

NEED: We all clean our teeth everyday, but with some advice, an optimal brush process and established routine we can really benefit from a great oral health. And that’s the final purpose of my app, make oral hygiene easier to accomplish and to understand. Optimize the existent processes.

SOLUTION: With Happy Teeth you will measure the optimal time needed for cleaning each area of the mouth; have a personal area and a register to check your progress; and get personalized oral hygiene tips by categories.

UNIQUENESS: the app contains only specific and useful features and is not dependent on buying an specific brand tooth brush as the

Designing an APP

Since the beginning of the design process of my app I had clear I wanted to develop a simple interface. That’s why my initial idea was so simple!

Paper Prototype

During the ideation process I gave a visual appearance to the app for the first time, but the initial look is far away from the latest version!

Ideation process

The app’s main functions were clear but it was difficult to have a simple home-screen that resulted also appealing to the users! By adding some color and more visual elements I achieve it.

Home screen evolution

And now my app is ready! hope you enjoy it same as I enjoy creating it :) TRY IT