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The Dealership

Everyone ran around frantic, as the customers piled into the dealership. But the cool and collective was captured by all sales people. Knowing exactly what they had going on. They worked fast, cracked jokes, made the customers feel as if they were family. As the food started to pile on the front desk you knew it was a Saturday. The smell of home made Middle Eastern food filled the building, causing dry mouths to flood.

“Why is all this food here?” the new girl asked her trainer. “Oh, the owners buy us all food on Saturdays.” She responded with a smile. “Why?” asked the new girl. “Because we are family here.” The new girl smiled, “family?” she grinned. I’m going to like it here she thought to herself.

9pm came and the new girl was ready to leave, but couldn’t. See it is like a family gathering, you may want to close up your home at a certain time, but there’s family over you cant kick them out. What about kids you may ask? Family is understanding about it, they work together. That’s how it is at the dealership. There’s the drama, the hot tempers like any other European family.

The new girl caught on at a decent pace, but she still lacked the skill of speed. Her sharp long nails prevented her to type as she wanted. Her clumsiness caused her problems counting the money correctly. She forgot things here and there big things, little things, massive mistakes, and fixable mistakes. Through it all the dealership family was patient. She’d call her trainer at 10:30pm at times asking for help with a glitch, or having help to count the money.

See at the dealership it is like traveling. There are The Russians (Rusc), The Romanians, The Polish (Polaks), The Spanish, The Greek, The Arabians. You’d think division occurs, but the exact opposite happens. You learn the language everyone speaks, you pick up phrases.

The jokes are un-endless. The nicknames used as if it was their given birth name. The light at heart always come around to make sure there’s a smile on everyone’s face. It’s like that one uncle or cousin you have that always cracks jokes or gets drunk, and makes you laugh to the point you tear up.

The new girl being the baby of the family standing at 17 years old, has love all around her. She sits at her desk as the tall slender boy in the gray hoodie walks back and forth. Her eyes followed him without her knowing. “Eye candy.” He walked in one day with a look of fear on his face. It was as if he got up all his courage and her smoothly said to her, “by the way can I have your number?” She smiled and laughed a little, she took out one of her sticky notes, and wrote down her phone number for the gray hoodie boy. (who knew that sticky notes would become her best friend).

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