Top 5 Things to Do In Jimbaran, Bali

Jimbaran is probably the most renowned destination in Bali for tourists worldwide. One of the main attractions here is the Jimbaran bay & the lovely beach. Nevertheless, there’re so many other things to do in Jimbaran Bali than just enjoying the beach. Here is my list of top things to do when you rent a Jimbaran private villa.

Enjoy Seafood Barbeque On The Beach Side:

Do you love fresh seafood? If yes, then check out one of the warungs on the beach side that caters grilled seafood at night. There’re so many seafood eateries at the each end of the Jimbaran bay that offer a variety of menu in terms of seafoods. Just pick what you like from the display and pay by the gram.

What About A Spa Treatment?

No vacation in Bali is complete without visiting a Balinese massage or spa. Jimbaran also boast quite a few spa centers and some of them are the best on the islet. Though spas are not tough to discover in Jimbaran, but they differ significantly in terms of cost and quality. They may cost you less than $10 per hour to well beyond $100. It depends on your budget and requirement which spa you choose.

Pay a Trip to the Jimbaran Fish Market:

If you love fish, then a trip to the Jimbaran fish market is a must. This is the place from where a majority of the seafoods in Bali is originated from. Get there very early in the morning, and you can see the fishing boats unloading their catches of mahi mahi, red snapper, shelfish, squids and so many other species dwelling in the waters Bali.

Spend a Whole Day At the Jimbaran Beach:

One main attraction of Jimbaran is probably the bay & the Jimbaran beach that’s amongst the most kid-friendly in Bali. The sand is pretty soft and the waters inside the bay is usually tranquil which has made Jimbaran beach more suitable and safe for swimming in comparison to the renowned surf beaches close by. Things to do in Jimbaran bay are in plenty, so you will never get bored!

Stay a Night or Two in One of Jimbaran Private Villas:

You may think that this should not be on the list of top things to do in Jimbaran, but Jimbaran is home to some of the finest holiday villas and apartments that you can’t avoid if you are after a luxurious accommodation. The amenities or services you find in these villas or apartments will surely add more charm to your Bali vacation.

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