Ibiza & Formentera, Spain: Weekend 1

This weekend we traveled to Ibiza, Spain. It was beautiful and I have never seen water so blue. Sadly, I learned that although I took AP Spanish, 2 years removed from studying the language can do a lot of damage. I was still able to communicate with people fairly well though. Especially after being in India where they speak Telugu, it was so nice to be able to (kind of) understand the local language when it wasn’t English. We stayed in an Airbnb and the hosts were the sweetest, helping us with arranged travel into the main city and finding places to eat. On Saturday, we explored Ibiza and then on Sunday, we took a ferry 30 minutes to another island that was more secluded and less touristy (i.e. better beaches). We rode bikes around and stayed until late in the day. Returning home Monday and going to classes was a bit challenging but I’m hoping I’ll become better at the quick weekend trips by the end of this!

Formentera Island, Spain
Ibiza, Spain
Formentera, Spain