Guadalupe-Reyes Marathon

In November I attended an English class and wrote a little essay about Posadas, a mexican celebration during december. Part of this celebrations is what we call Guadalupe-Reyes Marathon which is not a race but a time that goes from December 12th to January 6th. These days are full of parties, meetings and celebrations. We call it marathon because some people has too much parties to attend so in these days they eat and drink and the party does not stop until next year. A friend once told me that he had too much parties for each group of friends that he had and that he started on Monday and by the Saturday he was exhausted, this do not happen to everyone but I think that parties and work are not a good combination. I am about to go to christmas vacation so it seems that I am going to be working just one more week but this Saturday I have the first party and next week three more so it is gonna be a busy week. Enjoy this days full of parties these are times to rest and think about what we achieve during the year and make plans for the next.

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