Some principles of Business Model Design applied to the blockchain.

Álvaro Rodríguez Resino
Apr 12 · 12 min read

Skin in the game and expertise are always welcome!

The three layers of Design Thinking, explained. Taking in mind all of them is a core principle of Design Thinking (source: The Next Web)

Design restrictions are mandatory.

One of the main goals of the design restrictions is to avoid some design traps.

Understand Push vs. Pull

In a Pull approach, we are working the business model canvas from the right to the left. In a Push approach, we are working in the opposite way.
The Push approach looks like doing a puzzle, trying to find the pieces that fit together. Not a small feat!

Use canvas restrictions.

When designing something, you need first to understand what you need to include in the equation, locking down some options as mandatory.

Always work with your context.

Context restrictions allow us to narrow down design possibilities, focusing on those that could be feasible (i.e. not breaking the financial law).

Data privacy restrictions.

Financial regulation.

Other legal constraints.

Ecosystem constraints.

Are you trying to disrupt a business you don’t understand? You know nothing… .

Business acumen.

Some final strategic considerations.

In this table, the authors compare the evolution of the applications over the TCP-IP and the blockchain (in red), to show the analogies between both.

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