A management innovation: a model for managers who want to grow their businesses.

The Framework for Innovation Management (IM) is offered to help new managers product development activities necessary to be a successful innovator identified.
IM Framework was developed from a meta-analysis of 25 years of comprehensive technology research mana gement sponsored by the Center for Studies of Innovation Management (CIMS). The framework includes the following aspects of competence, dimensions and levels.
This section describes the core competencies or capabilities, organizations possess that allow them to recognize new opportunities, select the appropriate technology and efficient design and develop new and attractive solutions are presented. The five powers IM represent the inclination, aptitude and practice of organizations to produce truly dissociative offers, ie to successfully innovate. Mastery of these skills is vital for growth and long-term health of the Organization t ions. After discussing the skills, size and then levels of innovation management are presented.

The powers are based on the meta-analysis of research management innovation, the Framework IM identifies five organizational skills that companies successful innovation have: idea management, market management, portfolio management, management platform, and project management. A company must be proficient in the five competencies reliably and repeatedly produce differentiated products and services. The powers are not processes. Innovation processes may vary depending largely on the size and maturity of the company, the industry operating firm, and so on.
The appearance of dimensions help To help managers in this task, the Framework IM each competition is broken into five dimensions: Strategy, Organization and Culture, Pro-processes, techniques and tools, and metrics. A critical view of the meta-analysis is that the dimensions “cross section” IM each represent the necessary competence to build strong and lasting management innovation activity management capabilities.
While the appearance of levels is the main purpose of the Framework instant messaging it is to help managers build strong innovation capabilities and competitiveness in their companies. For many of these managers, just to keep up with the demands of everyday CUS-customers, suppliers, channel partners, and credit can be a full time job. However, events take place outside the boundaries of the company, which also determine the course of innovation, such as acts of organs of standardization, government policies and actions of the new industry participants .
As a whole, competencies, dimensions and levels form a cube. The categorization of research not only provides an overview of research innovation management, but also provides administrators with a logical structure with the tools and techniques for managing the simple innovation. administrators is provided directly to identify gaps or deficiencies in their organization and to develop plans for improving work environment.
Each dimension and competence has been operationalized to form Maturity Assessment Innovation Management (IMMA).