How Can Data Enrichment Improve the Quality of Your Organization’s Data?

We all know that data enrichment is an effective tool that can help improve the quality of business data. However, what does data enrichment entail? Data enrichment process can be described as application of various methods for enhancing the quality of business information.

The goal of data enrichment process, primarily, is to add more value to data set, access it more easily and make informed decisions without increasing related costs and risks. This post will help you understand the data enrichment process in detail and the contribution it can make in better decision making for your business.

The Data Enrichment Process- How it Works

Well, you can follow few simple steps to make sure that a successful data enrichment process is implemented and working as intended.

Firstly, make sure to initiate the process by performing quality assessment of the data stored in your database, CRM/CMS or your enterprise resource planning software. Make sure that you have an expert team to overlook the assessment process, and that your data enrichment methodologies cover the important aspects such as data integrity, correctness and completeness.

Data that does not meet the above criteria needs to be either fixed or removed from the database. Having right strategies in place for identifying and resolving these data discrepancies will make a huge difference in your data enrichment process.

Once you have completed this step, then it will be quite essential to identify the best process for enriching the crucial business data within your organization. Data enrichment process can differ from organization to organization, but usually, it can be said that new data is added to the current data sets to add value, while outdated data is removed to improve the quality. Data enrichment experts often recommend that you must begin data enrichment process by developing an initial outline for your business data requirements, performing necessary research to formulate an effective strategy, identifying required data from external sources, extracting the data and testing it for quality before using it for decision making.

Stay One Step Ahead of the Competition

Successful data enrichment process requires careful planning, while taking into account all the important outcomes. There are several possible benefits of enriching your data. However, it is not an easy process and is often cumbersome and time consuming. So it is best that you outsource data enrichment services to professionals, who can plan the entire enrichment process in accordance with your business requirements.