Optimized Product Titles, Descriptions & Images on your Amazon Store Increases the Chances of Discovery of your Product

If you are a professional seller on Amazon, you can either create product listings/feeds to upload your inventory on Amazon or employ a team of Amazon product listing experts to help you do the same. It is quintessential to maintain precise and informative product descriptions under proper categories for customers’ product discovery purposes. Amazon product listing services include optimizing the following:

Product Title
Brief and accurate titles tend to catch the eye of the customers. Adding size, color, brand name, series and model number makes the product title more succinct. If the defining characteristics of the product are also included, the customer is more likely to click on “Buy Now”.

Product Images
Enhanced product images with minimum pixelation and zoom-on-click feature attracts customers and helps to increase sales. With multitude of image enhancement techniques, your product image is optimized by Amazon product listing experts adhering to amazon guidelines viz. image resolution, size and preferred file format. Additionally, your product image is maintained against a white background, independent of any accessory in the background, thus displaying a clear-cut main product.

Key Product Features 
A word-perfect snippet of your product, summarizing its key features and functions, is created to attract customers to read the whole product description. The key product features are kept factual and vividly descriptive to outline the most significant attributes of the product like model number, product dimensions, etc.

Product Description
A compact product description, enunciating the product’s vital features like color & size, compatibility information etc., gives your customer a clear idea if the product meets their needs or otherwise. A meticulous examination of grammar and spellings is performed by the Amazon Experts to ensure customer doesn’t face any problem understanding the product features and functions. It includes the following:

  • Product Brand & Manufacturer Information: The brand and manufacturer information helps your customer to verify the product’s viability and provides transparency in terms of manufacturer details
  • Model Number & Part Number: If your product has a model or manufacturer part number, we include it in the description to ensure your customer has the right product
  • Box Contents: It includes mentioning the accessories contained in the product package with the main item
  • Correct Product Categorization: If you product is categorized correctly i.e. according to its features and function, and with right data attributes & specifications, the chances of your product discovery is doubled.
  • Search Terms: Specific search terms and phrases, which customers are more likely to key-in, are added to your product title
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