Joining a writing challenge

I decided to join a 52-Week Writing Challenge. One article per week during 2017.

Last year, I started taking writing more seriously. I tried to write some articles about Product Management, my first ones in English. Writing is a peculiar skill. It can be useful in almost any job. And, at the same time, improving writing helps me improve my English.

That’s why I decided t join this The 52-Week Writing Challenge. It is all about discipline, about keep going with writing every week. No matter what, no excuses for one entire year, one article per week.

What will I write about? I am not sure yet. I don’t think I will stick to only 1 topic. I think I will continue writing about Product Management but, also, I will write about Startups, Business, Internet, Technology, Cooking, Programming, etc. Anything I like and I feel like writing about it.

Discipline is not my best feature. So I mentioned this challenge to Nijil David, a good friend, and he immediately decided to join. We will support each other through this path.

What else? My main purpose is to improve writing. So, please, leave comments about stylistic, grammatical, orthographic or any other mistakes. It will be very helpful.

Thanks for reading! Follow me if you want to see how this goes… :D