Welcome to my last project of the Ironhack Bootcamp. Yes, it has been REALLY hard to arrive here. So many coffees, nights without sleeping well, hugs with my classmates… but finally, I am here.

But before starting with the story of my project I want to thank all the people that help me (or not), just for being there. All my classmates, my teacher, Nevan Scott, Héctor Rebollo Bollullo, Elise Mateu & JJ, the amazing TA’s (Teacher Assistants) for sure, family, friends and the Ironhack staff for making this real.


I worked on this project for two weeks and I…

Welcome to my project! My name is Álvaro and today I’ll introduce you “TimeOff” my project during the 7th week of the Ironhack bootcamp.

My project is going to be about creating a HR Website that will resolve some existing problems in holidays organization.

As I always said, please, do not hesitate to leave your thoughts and comments. Everything will be more than welcome.


I had to work during 2 weeks in this project, this time instead of days or a week like previously we had two weeks! Why? …

inVision Build Mode – Add a feature Project


Welcome to my project! My name is Álvaro and today I will write about the inVision Build mode feature for inVision’s mobile app, my project during the 4th week of the Ironhack bootcamp.

As I always said, please, do not hesitate to leave your thoughts and comments. Everything will be more than welcome.

What I did to prepare myself for this project? Organization first.


As an Ironhack student I was asked to incorporate the inVision Build Mode in a smartphone app in a way that was usable and according to the company’s…

The topic: Wellness


Welcome to my project! My name is Álvaro and today I will write about my project during the Ironhack bootcamp, but first let me tell you a little bit about Ironhack.

Ironhack is a private school that currently teaches intensive courses of 2 or 6 months about programming, UX/UI Design among others, ready to expand classes for new technologies and the demands of companies.


As part of my first individual project during the Ironhack Bootcamp in Barcelona I will be talking to you about Sleezy, a mobile App that I have been working on during 5 days, my topic, physical…

Working with inVision is really easy, the tool has a simple design and very intuitive.

As it wasn’t my first time creating a prototype i already knew the process so i started organizing the screenshots of emov prototype.

My prototype

Once i organize everything i went straight to the app flow. You just need to select the area you want to convert into a link and choose the screenshot, same as POP or other similar tools.

I decided to create a welcome page that redirect you to the map and from there you can open the menu (to register or sign up), open the filters or look for available cars…

Do not hesitate to check out my prototype by clicking HERE.

Rice University Home Page

The university

For my usability case study and redesign i asked one member of my family to help me, his name is Iván and he choose the university page completely randomly.

Set in the heart of Houston, Texas, the nation’s fourth-largest city, Rice is a comprehensive research university that fosters diversity and an intellectual environment.

As a web page for potential students, it needs to be as clear as possible to attract them.

Usability case

First impressions

  • Large
  • Too much information
  • Outdated design


  • The page is not a good looking page and it has too much information on the home page.
  • The videos…

Emov Car Sharing

In the following we needed to make reversed wireframings of an existing car sharing app called “Emov”. Emov is an app to rent an electric car for short periods of time (car-sharing).

In this exercise i started to think that copying exercises are a good way to learn in design, it was really easy to finish and it didn’t took a lot of time like the last exercise. Also, i realize of the importance of UX Design and i think it will be very challenging start a new app design without having any idea…

Here you can find my 7 wireframes:

I must say that was a “long trip” through the app and functionalities but i really enjoyed the experience and as my first challenging exercise on Sketch app everything went good so far and i am very happy with the results.

I used images from Unsplash as i one of my favorite pages to get images from and the craft plugin was my best ally.

Also, to improve myself and make this exercise more difficult i didn’t check out the examples uploaded on Google drive so i could change a few things and make everything my own way without help.

Check out my design, i hope you like it!

As part of our prework, we were asked to create a rocket icon using Sketch app.

It was my first time using Sketch and i really enjoyed! I think Sketch is a really easy tool to use. The most difficult part of the exercise was to edit the curves on the rocket, the part A, but as i have been using it it feels great and i am sure that i will get better by using Sketch.

Moon design with Sketch

I have been using Photoshop a lot and a little bit of Illustrator for vectorial objetcs and i think the last one is better for this.

I am really excited to use Sketch and i really want to improve at it.

The customer

My customer will be Whole Bank, a company from Framingham, Massachusetts, United States. Their goal is to offer a different way to save and manage money by giving customers innovative options such as virtual currencies.

Whole bank has a existing app and they want to change the way their customers travel and pay. As credit cards can be lost or stolen, they decided to create a new way to pay when without them in different currencies.

In my proposal we will give the customer a tool inside Whole Bank App to pay using different ways and currencies no matter what…

Álvaro Alcaraz Delgado

UX Designer & Entrepreneur

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