How moving away made me see things in a different way.

As a seventeen year-old boy from a small town in Minas Gerais, Brazil, I’d always dreamed about my independence and have my own life with my own rules, but what I’d never thought is that this would change drastically the way I see the world and behave.

On my last year of High School I was thinking about going to an university. here in Brazil get into an university isn’t that hard, but it isn’t a dream coming true for all of those who dream of it. I made two entrance exams and got accepted in both for Architecture and Urbanism, and I had to move to Minas Gerais’ capital, the 2,5M habitants city Belo Horizonte. I used to live in a small town city in Minas Gerais, a 27,000 total population city called Santa Bárbara, and what I saw that day was a chance for my independence.

Time flies and when I realized I’ve got approved on my entrance exams, I’ve found two colleagues to be my roommates, I’ve moved to Belo Horizonte and my class started, everything in a time of 9 days. It happened so fast that I couldn’t even say a memorable or an honor goodbye to my parents, and after 5 days living in Belo Horizonte I fell apart. I’d never felt so lonely as that time, everyone I knew was living in other cities and everything I had was two colleagues and a huge city to discover.

Since that day on I started seeing things different, because if I didn’t make my food, I would die starving, if I didn’t wash my clothes, they’d smell like a rotten rat and if I didn’t get the right bus, I’d have to wait in a place unknown and try to get the right bus — believe me or not, that happened to me on my first day living in Belo Horizonte.

Everything has changed since that, now I love having some time with my family and the fact that we live 75 miles away from each other just makes me feel more anxious to see them. I started to care less about my mother’s screams and hysterical outbreaks and care more about how nice was to have she talking face to face to me, care more about hearing their real voices and not that pitched voices from my iPhone’s speaker. I started to care more about spending time together with my father, and to valorize everything they’d sacrificed to have me and to give me the best they can. Always.

I’m still living on my own, it’s been 10 months since I moved to Belo Horizonte and I see clearly the value of everything, and this made me more thankful and hopeful about what life prepare to us.