Apparently I’m a stooge of the Israeli government
Owen Jones

Hi, Owen.

With modesty I’d like to give you my opinion on this. I appreciate you explain further why you decide to be involved in activities of JLM, because in politics it’s better to write books that tweets to clarify positions. It’s understandable talk in unconfortable or contradictory environments: as in a burgeoise parliament, but always with your independent position and not willing to be politically correct. Basically: not changing the content of the speech relating to who is listening. A good example of this I’ve always found in this video:
I imagine it can become a little complicated to balance between talking about someone you knew and appreciate in a sort of tribute, and criticize certain political positions of that group. Maybe that’s the moment where you have to separate the politics and the personal. Because if you don’t find appropriate criticizing their collaboration or complicity with zionist agenda, maybe it’s better not be involved in such event.
I find pretty different participating in a debate of -to give an example- the NHS system, than about Palestine. Because related to Palestine and zionists occupation there is a must: boicot. So as well as we demand the left for struggle antisemitism, we have to demand jewish political organizations to separate themselves from zionist program.