Our monthly cross-team meetings

In our 2 years of life in Witei we have changed many times the way we communicate between different teams and also among the members of the same team.

We do daily meetings, demo days, retrospective meetings, planning meetings… But today I want to talk about our monthly cross-team meeting.

We’ve been doing this 3 months now and I could not be more happy about it. It helped us with a lot of things at the same time. But first, what do we do in these meetings?

We have a couple of teams in our company:

  • Marketing (2 people)
  • Support (2 people)
  • Engineering (3 people)
  • Sales (7 people)
  • Billing (2 people)
  • Human resources (2 people)

We are not all those people. Some persons are in more than one team at the same time. Every team set their own goals and work a lot to achieve them. But one of the most important things in Witei is: less communication between team, better.

But in order to allow everyone know what is the other teams working on we have 1 day per month to tell everything. The PPF: Postureo Pizza Friday.

This day, every team leader have 15 minutes to present everyone the achievements of the previous month and then everyone can ask any question. We share numbers, new features, errors committed, changes, experiences… It’s a really good moment, when everyone realized that they are working (sometimes without knowing) in the same direction, with projects that affect more than 1 team at the same time.

This day of synchronization is the result of a heavy work from the Cs: split big projects in small tasks that every team member can do without wasting time in long meetings and discussions between teams.