Commentary On A Meme

Alverson Layne
May 10, 2016 · 2 min read

Such a dramatic change would require a structured and organized procedure that could be enforced by a strong executive body as well as formidable legal negotiators.

It was their education in political philosophy & science, as well as the industrial revolution coupled with an advanced and detailed organizational strategy that aided men from one part of the planet to conquer and command so much of the rest of it.

It's no easy task but nature loves vacuum as much as a supercar loves to be possessed. To put it another way, all is energy; The same way water takes the shape of the vessel it fills, people are subconsciously attracted to the plans you make for them, ESPECIALLY if those plans are detailed and organized.

The deadline (liveline) for registration in NJ is Tuesday May 17th. However, it's better to do it by THURSDAY MAY 12TH.

You can do it at the welfare office or the MVC, among other places.

VOTE, Not because you need another mom or dad or sister or brother telling you what to do with your life - but because it's in your best interest to consciously build your political alliances in the world you create for yourself.

And if you don't vote, that's OK too. Just make sure your plans and alliances are detailed and intelligent enough to manage the other systems operating in and around your life. 🌿

As for me, I am not satisfied with a ballot ticket and representation by proxy (whatever that means). I prefer to shake hands and sit with people in person, developing plans with think tanks. I prefer to be present at the World Economic Forum annual meetings in Davos, Switzerland. I prefer to be invited to the UN meetings instead of riding a bicycle past the headquarters in Manhattan as a courier making deliveries (which is also a very important thing to do).

The biggest obstacle to registering to vote is most likely time. People have work to do. The post office is another place you can register (if my search results are correct); It may be a faster place too.

Be great. The world is ours. 🔑

Alverson Layne

Written by

🌿 plant lover, recording artist, serial entrepreneur and founder of The Music Sales Blueprint. 🌿

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