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Alverson Layne
Dec 5, 2016 · 3 min read

YouTube is the only social media website that pays their users enough to cover monthly expenses (including rent) and in some cases even buy themselves a car or other assets.

Facebook favors videos uploaded directly to its own servers over YouTube videos; If a YouTube video is uploaded to Facebook, it may not travel far, while a video uploaded directly to Facebook not only receives more views, due to Facebook’s software placing that video in front of more users’ eyes, but a video uploaded directly to Facebook may also include detailed data about the viewers, their demographic, as well as the time of day that the video is viewed, plus a lot more info.

The main advantage YouTube has over Facebook is that YouTube pays it’s users. Facebook doesn’t offer that at all, although recently it has given users a built-in marketplace as well as a means for people to sell products through Facebook pages.

In alignment with serving others through art, I’m also in the business of making money from/through the internet. My most recent venture is a YouTube channel. I talk about it in the following video:

If people invest time in creating content with/through YouTube like we do through Facebook, there’s a solid probability that we’d find ourselves in possession of more free time and disposable/residual income.

I’m willing to put it to the test, and I’ve included links below to some friends whom I’ve met in person, who also have YouTube channels of their own with original content. If you’re interested in creating a source of income naturally out of social media, give my friends a subscription and tell them Alverson sent you.

A smart business person once said, there’s no shortage of money in the world, only a shortage of people willing to do what it takes to attract it.

Abundance is the truth.

talk to you soon!

🌿 alverson

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Ron Emerson BasseMedia
Kyemah Mcentyre
Yodassa Williams
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Alisa Lemon
Queen Mother Imakhu
Gary Campbell
Hendii TheSinger

Moral of the story, YouTube is a social network that pays its users. From the looks of it, it’s worth investing time in developing a YouTube channel as an asset.

Alverson Layne

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🌿 plant lover, recording artist, serial entrepreneur and founder of The Music Sales Blueprint. 🌿

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