He Pretends He Doesn’t Need Any Help, So He Doesn’t Get Any

Your transparency could save someone's life; it might be yours.


I'm reading Michael Gerber's “The E-Myth Revisited” and I recently passed the chapter in which he mentions “keeping the curtains up” in your life because you and the life you've been dreaming of are on the other side.

It seems we've been bombarded with so much remarkable excellence at times that we may feel embarrassed to not live up to it.

Your shoes are wack. “WHAT ARE THOOOOOOOSE?!”
Speak less. Do more.

I'm making videos daily and most days I ignore the thoughts telling me not to.

Maybe I'm making people uncomfortable.

What's the point of these?

He's just being vain.

Those same thoughts are related to the ones that link compulsive social media use to addictive behaviors. The truth is, the internet is a tool, and we use it to communicate with each other. You may or may not feel it but reality is changing perpetually because of the way we interact.

Intimidation and oppression are cool if you can tolerate complacency and subjugation, but if you have any intention of getting out of life what's rightfully yours, you're gonna have to overcome the discomfort of:

• not doing what you are told

• people disagreeing with you

• you disagreeing with some ideas coming from people you respect

I listen to a lot of internet entrepreneurs. Many of them use social media daily to build their audience and share their lives. I'm learning a lot from their work and their careers and I intend to integrate what I've learned into my business as well.

I was listening to Gary Vaynerchuk recently on Snapchat and he mentioned 22 year-olds giving life advice on the internet. He says a 22 year-old shouldn't be giving life advice, he should talk about 22 year-old things — but I'm wondering, have you heard of a baby Buddha, or the wisdom of children, Gary?

I respect this man's work and words, but my own padre says, “To be successful you have be able to use what you have, when you have it, right where you are.”

Life told me that you don't have to have it all together to start doing something. You don't even have to know what you're doing. Just start. Give life consistency. Give yourself something to work with.

It's Women's History Month and Internet entrepreneur Marie Forleo has been recommended several times. Check out her YouTube channel.


If you want to make videos on the internet, then do it. Follow your gut. We'll figure it out. Keep the curtains up!

This was originally posted at A Rich Sun.

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