It’s Easy To Not-Believe In Yourself

Alverson Layne
Nov 14, 2016 · 2 min read

All you have to do is stop trying.

All you have to do is quit.

Do what you’re told and nothing else.

Listen when you’re told your ideas won’t work.

It’s very difficult to break through the psychic inertia of doing something that has not been done before.

When you first set out to do something, you’ll have to prove yourself. Not everyone will believe in you or your ideas immediately. Trust and credibility are earned over time.

The greatest accomplishments of humanity are yet to be seen but what we have accomplished so far has often been met with much resistance.

Haiti’s Independence.

The work of the Serbian scientist, Nikola Tesla.

Henry Ford’s manufacturing plant (inspired by George Washington Carver) and V8 engine.

Hydrogen-fueled cars.

The Wright Brothers first successful flight.

Dedicating yourself entirely to the complete expression of your creative vision can be scary, but would you rather be concerned about covering expenses as you direct more energy towards self-actualization, or making sure you don’t die from trying to put a flying machine in the air.

It’s easy to not believe in yourself —

But you gotta do it!

You ARE enough.

Even if you are employed by an organization that you do not own, it is advantageous to consider yourself self-employed.

Your employers are then your investors.

At times it can appear like the whole world is designed to direct your energies away from self-confidence and away from counting on yourself to save yourself. If not you, then who?

I have not purchased the house yet. (Nor the cars, although I have made plans for a test drive!)

More importantly than the toys and material assets are the gifts that we can share and the value that we can create for and with each other right now.

You can do it!

If not you, then who?

3 Months have passed already since I haven’t been to Manhattan making deliveries as a courier. I didn’t see it coming so soon, but all signs are pointing in the direction of greater economic freedom. If you are a recording artist, #rapper, #singer, or #musician and your #music hasn’t brought you greater economic freedom just yet, there are a few things that you can do to change that.

The Music Sales Blueprint is a step in that direction. Discovering almost $9,000 in #royalties is a gift that has enabled me to serve others in a greater capacity. As the launch date approaches, I’d like to extend an invitation to you here:

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Talk to you soon!


Alverson Layne

Written by

🌿 plant lover, recording artist, serial entrepreneur and founder of The Music Sales Blueprint. 🌿

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