Meditating on Health Wealth Clarity and Prosperity for Years Now.

This piece is some refrigerator art from 2013/14 GC.

I read that millennials and teenagers of today are the most narcissistic people ever, ever.

I would argue the contrary. The mind is like a two way radio, able to emit and receive signals. A sure way to see hear, and feel yourself amidst many other signals being emitted is to actually focus on yourself. I mean, what is life all about, if not self-development?

If Goku and Vegeta didn’t work on themselves and dedicate their lives to training the mind, body, and spirit, earth and many other planets would’ve been destroyed by various cosmic entities throughout the saga.

They haven’t perfectly defended everything; their own home planet was destroyed by Frieza. (Idunno why they haven’t wished the whole place back yet.) But when they did successfully defend people and planets in battle, it was because they are warriors dedicated to self-development.

::🌊If you’re in the midst of a cosmic 🌌 ocean 🌊 and you’re trying to get someplace🌅, it may help to build a boat.⛵🌊::

Anyway, the self is all that exists.
Every photograph God takes is a selfie. God is a flower. God is a tree. God is an atheist. God is a satanist. God is Allah, Buddah, Krishna, Shiva, Shakti and a pantheon of other deities.

God is in your toenail, and your toe crust and eye boogers.

So, no-one and everyone everywhere is conceited and narcissistic. When we focus on ourselves and we find out what we enjoy the most ... when we find a way to help others while being ourselves, allí es la clave, there is the key!✨🔑✨

Mental faculties are amplified with clarity, definiteness of purpose, and a focused mind. This requires being selective with attention and focusing on oneself and one's own mental and behavioral patterns and ideas - especially when contemplating on how to solve problems for others and working towards goals like helping people everywhere prosper in their endeavors while living a more graceful life in harmony with this beautiful planet. 🌍

Self-enamoration (I just made that word up; It’s “self love”.) goes right along with self-esteem, self-confidence, knowledge of self, and self-development — and therein lies the solution to accomplishing everything we could ever desire to do for ourselves and anyone, anywhere, ever.

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