You Didn’t Think Someone Would Sit You Down

And explain to you that you have secret writing systems and native languages that you haven’t been using — did you?

Alverson Layne
Jul 17, 2016 · 2 min read

There is much to do with symbols and how we shape our consciousness.

There is much to do with power that pertains to knowledge-of-self.

You have the answers.

We have the gifts.

You are the answers.

We are the gifts.

Somewhere beyond the hemp and flax milky ways there are galaxies where androids and humanoids operate within the same solar systems.

Plurality is commonplace. Abundance is the truth.

That being the case, interstellar transformation requires a higher level of activity, with order and grace, in order to install new programs within the divine matrix.

In short, we must do more.

Do, Moor. But it is not a doing like what has been done. Rather it is an internal doing, like the fruits of Neigong 內功 and Tao yin 導引, upon the mind.

We have the answers.

You have the gifts.

We are the answers.

You are the gifts.

Do you see?

No one can create your home planet for you. It is born from within you and only you can bring it to light.

There are certain things that you do that create more value than what you may be immediately rewarded for.

Do that.






A large number of Akans were taken as captives to the Americas, and many people of African descent in the Americas have partial Akan ancestry. During the 18th and 19th centuries, Akan slaves were all referred to as "Coromantees". Due to their organization, common language, and fierce nature, Coromantees were responsible for the majority of slave revolts in the Caribbean and North America.

Coromantins actually came from several Akan ethnic groups and were sent to separate European colonies in the Caribbean based on their alliance with Europeans back in the Gold Coast – Asante (or Ashanti) being opposed the Fante (Fanti) and the British were shipped to Jamaica and Barbados; the Fante, being opposed to the Asante and the Dutch, were sent to the Guianas, etc. as war and kidnapped captives, respectively. Owing to their militaristic background and common Akan language, Coromantins organized dozens of slave rebellions in Jamaica and elsewhere in the Caribbean. Their fierce, rebellious nature became so notorious among white plantation owners in the 18th century that an Act was proposed to ban the importation of people from the Gold Coast, despite their reputation as strong workers.

Alverson Layne

Written by

🌿 plant lover, recording artist, serial entrepreneur and founder of The Music Sales Blueprint. 🌿

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