Twitter is a more ruminative medium than Facebook


Twitter is more ruminative than Facebook because Facebook does not allow us to think for ourselves. For example, on Facebook a person is more likely to share an opinion that has a bunch of shares just because they do not want to be left out. Also, people go on Facebook to self-check their opinions or beliefs. Sharing things on Facebook is so much easier because you won’t be the only one looking stupid if what you are sharing is false. Bias is the biggest thing making Facebook users not think before accepting an idea or belief. Facebook is also causing us to think that we have friends now that we are connected virtually but in reality we don’t know who they are at all.


On the other hand, Twitter allows us to think for ourselves. We are more willing to read something before we tweet because we don’t want to sound stupid. For example, when their is a live event such as the Super Bowl, you are going to want to share something fast. That leads to processing what we read on Twitter faster because we want to update our followers much quicker. People aren’t just taking in ideas from Twitter, they are constantly talking about whether they agree with the idea or not. That leads to better thinking and involvement compared to Facebook.

Guiding Question

How does Twitter make us think more compared to Facebook and what are the negative affects of using Facebook ?