The Chris Brown Complex

Chris Brown is single-handedly one of the most talented artists of my generation. He can sing. He can dance. He can sing AND dance at the same damn time. And I mean, he’s fiooooonnneeeeeee. Handsome. Gorgeous. All of that. From the very beginning of his career at the young age of 15, anyone could tell that he would be a star. HE HAD IT, that IT factor. His talent and gifts have been compared to the one and only Micheal Jackson. He has earned Grammys, MTV awards, and too many accolades to mention.

Ok… But… Did I mention how bomb he is? Every girl had a poster of Chris Brown plastered on her wall in middle school. Every girl waited faithfully for 106&Park to come on and see a Chris Brown video play on the countdown. Every girl looked up random facts about Chris Brown, just in case anyone ever wondered that the population of Chris Brown’s hometown was only 2000 people. Or maybe that was just me? I doubt it.

Now, I may or may not have believed myself to be Chris Brown’s #1 fan at some point. I may or may not have had a a couple of 2-inch folders filled with Chris Brown’s pictures from various WordUp magazines. I may or may not have screamed my lungs out when a potential fake Chris Brown Facebook page replied to my comment by saying “I love you too”. However, today at 24 years old, this is definitely no longer the case. But let me explain… Because it clearly wasn’t always this way.

First I want to start off by saying I’m not here to persecute Chris Brown and I’m trying to keep this short and sweet so bare with me.

I was one of those girls who thought, “Well we don’t know the whole story.” when the Rihanna-Chris Brown situation happened in 2009. I was also 16 and stupid. Moving on, when Chris Brown got his mojo back not too long after, dropping one of the hottest tracks “Deuces” in 2011, I supported his music. I was jealous at first but I even thought his new girlfriend Karrueche was great and was glad he was moving on. In my mind, Chris could do no wrong. And there are so many things wrong with that thought alone.

I excused the Good Morning America incident. I excused the photos of Chris Brown with Rihanna at a Laker game on Christmas in 2012 although he had been publicly dating Karrueche for months beforehand. I excused the multiple times he had disrespected women, members of the LGBQTIA community, and the random fans (that literally supply his salary) all because he couldn’t stand not to #clapback on The Shade Room. So today, no I can not say that I am the fan that I used to be of Chris Brown. But I understand being human, so no, he is not the enemy either. And although it’s not the same, the 13-year-old girl in me who was #TeamBreezy all day err’ day couldn’t resist going to see his movie.

Today, his documentary titled “Chris Brown: Welcome To My Life” dropped in theaters for one day only. Chris Brown opened up about his life, his relationships, and his career. It opened with how he grew up but Chris, you know why I’m here *Marshawn Lynch voice*. Chris Brown was going to finally open up and tell us about what happened with Rihanna that night in 2009 after the Grammys. Now I’m not going to spoil the details at all but I found myself conflicted while watching, I still am. For me, it’s natural to be undecisive. (Like hello? I say I’m not a fan anymore but I literally went out of my way to go see his movie.) However, 8 years after this incident, Chris Brown still seems to be making excuses. He claims that he plead guilty because he knew he was wrong yet multiple people within the documentary, as well as himself, try to justify his actions. One person claims that impulse control doesn’t develop in males until age 25 and Chris was 19 at the time of the incident. Chris, himself, explains that domestic violence is learned behavior for him because he grew up watching his mother being abused at the hands of her boyfriend. The excuses go on when he says he had a “psycho” moment while being interviewed on Good Morning America. The excuses continue as he engages in fights with Drake, Frank Ocean, and randomly breaks someone’s nose because he was mad that him and his girlfriend broke up. The excuses go on as he publicly drags another woman through the dirt that he claims he loves by publicly disrespecting her on social media before and after he had a baby with another woman on her (And then you had the audacity to make a song called Loyal). I can’t make excuses any longer. And although you are a loving, talented, and gorgeous person. You are also a womanizer, homophobe, and angry.

The movie tried to end on a positive note, focusing on the relationship between Chris Brown and his beautiful daughter, Royalty.

Chris Brown says he has changed for the better because of her. And I really hope it’s true but if it isn’t, it’s vital that we stop giving these men passes just because they are handsome, rich, and famous. It’s not worth it sis.