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Your child’s landing marks unique happiness in your life and opens up a radical new world for you. I believe that you have already enjoyed the charm of baby gender reveal ideas. In any case, on occasion dealing with an infant can be bit overpowering, particularly for first time moms. Being another mother can be overpowering. You’re attempting to conform to another timetable, new requests and new small being.

“Overpowered” is a word that depicts how you may feel when you initially bring home your infant. Considerations of “I’m not set up for this!” to “How could the doctor’s facility…

Today, i am going to share a simple WordPress plugin that enables you to add WordPress posts as an elegant widget in the sidebar.

Elegant Posts Widget plugin is a light weight plugin with the smart set of options. Featured image of the post displays as a background which adds a visual beauty in the sidebar.

Exciting Features:

  • You can have multiple instance of widget. It enables you to show different posts at different widgetized areas.
  • You can have background color or posts thumbnail as a background to add an appealing effect to the posts.
  • This Posts Widget allows you to show date optionally.
  • Most important feature is the Responsive layout. So, widget will look good at all devices.
  • According to TemplateByte, it is tested with several popular themes.
  • Posts can be filtered by Posts IDs.
  • It supports localization.



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