Lighting to beautify your outdoor spaces.

There’s nothing like the charm of a gorgeous garden or an attractive outdoor seating and activity area … except when it’s made even more engaging by a well-planned lighting installation. With beautiful illumination you can relish more time on your yard, garden, patio, pool and veranda. Before you spend in any landscape lighting, you should be clear of the theme you require whether it is soft, shadowy, colorful or bright, with highlights on certain spaces such as the water fountain, trees or shrubs, path benches or the sculpture. Outdoor lighting are used for various aspects, be it beauty, safety, functionality, increasing value and aesthetic appeal of your property and vicinity.

Safety is the prime reason to install landscape lighting. You and your family, and especially guests who are not familiar with the layout of your yard, will be smoothly directed as to the location of pathways, steps, and abrupt slopes. Specialized lighting for your pool and its surroundings will enable you to swim more carefully at night .Shedding light on dim areas around your home’s perimeter will discourage loiterers and burglars, who prefer to work in the dark. Accent lighting can be designed to show off an exceptionally attractive flowerbed, water feature, or piece of statuary. Task lighting can be spectacularly used for an outdoor party area or grilling area to make the venue simpler and convenient. With investment in landscape lighting, you will get more amusement and utility from your property, a distinguishing new look and augmented appeal.

Outdoor lighting comes in a variety of tints. The general guide is to use white or bluish (cool) light on trees and plants, but yellowish or orange (warm) light on pergolas, garden art and other human-made items. The illumination must be subtle, so that it piques interest and doesn’t look too “flashy or glary.” Consider the illumination your outdoor space already obtains from streetlights, indoor beams, natural lights in order to avoid light pollution. Overuse of outdoor lighting wastes energy and money, creates glare, and may annoy residents /neighbors — ruining the atmosphere of the place by night. You can customize the light effect with controls such as dimmer switches, motion sensors, and timers to generate the lighting looks you want, when you want them. Placing blue-toned lights 30–40 feet up in your trees mimics the effect of natural moonlight.

There are various roles of Landscape Lighting Design.

• Safety-Illumination that ensures safe navigation throughout the property.

• Security-Illumination that deters, detects, identifies, and enables apprehension of intruders.

• Beauty-Illumination that evokes positive aesthetic and emotional responses.

• Functionality-Illumination that provides appropriate lighting for activities performed on the property.

• Economy-Illumination that conserves financial and energy resources.

• Environment-Illumination that minimizes light pollution and light trespass.

Satisfying all these goals may seem overwhelming, but there’s is nothing wrong with taking a modest approach and to focus on one or two at a time. For example, to light the pathway leading to your front door, your main goal is probably ‘safety’ since you want the illumination to reveal the edges of the path and any irregularities that could cause tripping. There is always greater risk of falling on stairs, so if you have steps leading up to your patio or deck be sure to light them well. Secondarily, you want ‘beauty’. Depending on your situation, path lighting might do the trick, or you may prefer to install accent lights or overhead pole lighting for more brightness over the area.

You may also consider hiring an experienced lighting designer with expertise on various techniques to produce beautiful and effective designs through the interplay of light and shadow. Even though you love doing everything yourself, if you have the resources, hiring a professional is the surest way to end up with a great lighting design. Well-executed outdoor lighting enhances architectural detail and plays up landscape features, casting your home in the best possible light for adding embellishment. Need help turning your exterior lighting ideas into reality? We have the landscape lighting expertise you’re looking for. Give us a call at 971 4 3383432, or write to for ideas on creating the perfect lighting effects for your property! Create a stunning landscape that can be enjoyed during the day and night with inventive alfresco lighting solutions. Visit us

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