Teams competed for the Grand Annual Otterville Barbecue Cook-off

Win a Barbecue Cook Off

Last September 16, 18 teams from different families all over Otterville gathered in one event that has showcased some new techniques in grilling barbecue and has turned up the heat between competitors as they vied for the 500 dollar price sponsored by the Bank of Otterville.

Wearing their barbecue gloves and aprons, contenders were to compete in five different categories namely, ribs, brisket, chicken, pork steak and lastly a category that was not yet revealed to everyone. The event was originally put up as a major event during Otterville Street Fair but was not so successful in the past years. Recent organizers decided not to continue the cooking event anymore but a man named Tammy Schoen voluntarily presented himself to take over since last year.

Alongside with the 18 teams which are mostly participated by oldies, there was also an entry for juniors. There were eight teams who participated in the junior category and they were to grill hamburgers. Teenagers participated in the event also. Divided in five teams, they were assigned to grill chicken wings. According to Schoen, there were several changes in the mechanics of the contest and one change to mention is inviting not only experts but contenders from different age categories as well. In the interview, he then revealed secretly the mystery category which was grilling fish. The mechanics in choosing who won was according to the points earned by the contestants from the judges, totaling all scores from every individual category.

As the competition started barbecue gloves, aprons and all the grilling equipment were all prepared, keeping them busy all throughout. The Long Branch Family and Friends Meat Handlers, both champions in last year’s Ottterville Barbecue Cook off were also in the event. When interviewed about their special techniques in grilling, they said that in the whole duration of the competition, they just thought that they were like cooking in their own home and their unique blend of hot and spicy flavor made them take the title.

At the end of the cook-off, the points were tallied, announcing Team Bite and Team Wipe as both winners of the competition. What made them the best teams were the simplicity of their barbecue and they prepared a lot for this competition, making them own the crown this year.

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