How I Got More Than 10,000 Visitors My First Month!

By: Alving Garcia — (

This past month, April, was my first 3 weeks into actually trying to make an online blog tailored towards the online entrepreneur crowd. It has been the most successful online blog I have ever launched with more than10,000 viewers in 3 weeks.

I was taken about back by the immense amount of interest the blog has garnered in such a small amount of time plus the large amount of emails and responses I have received from great people that are thankful for the value this site provides and will continue to provide. I was expecting to have to wait a few months before getting this amount of traffic and it has been crazy.

From the first week it was stayed in the range of 50 to 90 visitors per day and then it spiked every weekend thanks to my social media strategy. I will go a little more into that later but I wanted to do a quick introduction first.


I want to give everyone a firsthand look into all the things I did right this past month plus I want to also go over what managed to catapult my blog to gain so much traffic in my first 3.5 weeks without me doing any guest blogging, or having any other already established blog help shout me out.

I did it all on my own, through writing great content (such as The eCommerce Guide, How My Stanford Post Went Viral, The Secrets Behind Successful Teams, and The Six Laws of Success) and using social media (Twitter, Facebook and Reddit) to get the word out.

I have spent absolutely no money or effort on any sort of advertising and have built all my own backlinks by using techniques I learned from people selling backlinks on fiverr (which I will go over in a future post so that you can do it on your own).

I want to be as transparent as possible with my audience and that is why I will always give you a monthly run down of how much money I make every month, where every cent comes from, and what I do every month to really help grow my traffic.

I want you to be able to take all of this information and then take what you want from it to help you start your own online business.

I am starting a new series this month about the different business models for online entrepreneurs and giving some guidelines and roadmaps for each one so that people can have the freedom to take any path they wish, as I know blogging is not for everyone.

(I will also be providing an overview of the different online business models on my Start page, going live this upcoming week)


So to begin lets go over the income report for the month of April.

I launched the Legit Society on the evening of April 9th, 2015. Since then I have only used two forms ofadvertising on my site:

I have not monetized any other part of my site and I’m not really interested in trying to gain any sort of income from the blog at this time. I really want to make my current content available to as many people as possible by allowing all of it to be free.

I haven’t decided if this will change in the future but for now I am allowing visitors to subscribe to my email list to receive some real personal assistance with their own ideas, passions or businesses as well as providing some premium content that I have yet to send out due to the small size of the current email list.

I have about 25 subscribers so it is pretty small compared to the amount of traffic I am getting but I am currently consulting with 5 different people and have already helped 1 of them drastically change their own site to start driving more traffic to that site and it has helped him tremendously with his bounce rate (the rate at which visitors “bounce” to your site and then leave. The higher your bounce rate, the higher amount of visitors that are leaving your site without gaining much value from it. You want to keep this rate as low as possible and there are ways designed to do this.)

I will go over bounce rates and optimizing your site to decrease that in a future blog post but I do want to say that if you want to have assistance with that now then just sign up for the newsletter and I will give you directions as to how to go about setting up that 1 on 1.

Ok enough advertising my own newsletter, I just wanted to show you that it is pretty small though, compared to the amount of visitors I am getting.

The drastic increase in traffic has been pretty recent so the subscriptions may increase greatly in the coming days, but we will have to wait and see.

As far as for my numbers for the advertising income on The Legit Society Blog, they are as follows:

  • Google AdSense: $130.40

Yep, it is pretty low, but the reason for this, beside it being my first month of course, is that I ended up taking the advertisements off the right side bar because I was noticing a lot of advertising going on that had some pretty mature material and I wanted my site to be safe for work and family, so I removed it until I could edit the mature content off the advertisement options, which ended up taking a good week and half since I completely forgot about it, so this really only counts for about 1 to 2 weeks of views, mostly being near the end of the month, since at the beginning there weren’t that many views.

My affiliate marketing income for The Legit Society, are as follows:

  • Commission Junction (GoDaddy): $0.00

No, that is not a typo; I really made absolutely no money from my affiliate partners in April. I got a great number of impressions, in the thousands, and some clicks as well but no purchases since I did not have an affiliate link on my site for the majority of the month until the last week or so.

Also, a major mistake that I have done for this month is the failure to add a Resources page to my site, where I can list the tools and providers that I use the most and can actually recommend to my audience.

The resource page is known as probably the most profitable page on a blog, so by not having one ready this month, it has really hurt any sort of true income I could be receiving through that channel.

Either way, I am almost done with the resources page, plus the about me page (called the start page, since it will include a lot more information besides my background and description of the blog).

I will put actual products I use and providers that I believe in on the resources page, just like Pat Flynn does, since I believe your audience is that much more inclined to use products or services that you are promoting if they see that you have actually vetted and use them on a daily basis to help your own productivity and business run smoother. That sort of affiliate marketing is going to bring you way more conversions than if you randomly started listing a bunch of affiliate products that you have never used or, worse yet, that compete directly with one another. Your viewers will quickly see that you are just trying to make a quick buck and that will ruin your credibility and site rather quickly.

There are no other sources of income for The Legit Society on the blog itself, as I have no real interest in monetizing my audience and I am mostly trying to give back to the community as much as possible.

I have had to charge for some consultations if they got to the point where I was going to be getting really involved with either restructuring or spending a large amount of time helping an entrepreneur build their dream business.

I have to do this because I do have a lot of other online businesses to run as well as working at the startup that I am part of, fulltime. The income from those consultations has been pretty good, at about $150 each, though I have only done 3 in depth consultations but I see that it is definitely something that will grow in the future.

The income in April from my consultations were as follows:

  • Personal Entrepreneurial Assistance/Consultations: $450 (3 Consultations)

I have done 2 more consultations but those were more of the normal type of consultation that I offer to my audience for free once they subscribe to the email list and that is a personal conversation and some back and forth about their plans for a business or strategies to monetize or grow their current businesses.

I hope to have a lot more of these in May so that I can really grow my email list, but more importantly, so that I can help that many more people on a more personal level, which I love to do.


Now to get into some numbers as far as audience and visitors go, lets first start with the total number of visitors that The Legit Society got for the month of April (April 9th — 30th):

  • Total Traffic: 12,216 visitors

Since I launched the evening of Thursday, April 9th, I didn’t get any real traffic that night besides my own views to verify that the site worked and looked correctly and a few visits from some other friends that I had asked to visit it to make sure it was responsive and worked on various browsers, and mobile devices.

My first real visitors came on Friday, April 10th, when I managed to get 51 visitors. That Saturday, April 11th I got 57 visitors and then Sunday, April 12th it stayed at 53 visitors.

My first weekend was pretty good, in my opinion, since I did some announcing on Reddit, and Facebook. I also started a Twitter account for the blog, @TheLegitBlog; since I had a personal twitter account, but did not use it at all and it was full of random follow back teams (people that claim to get you followers if you follow people on their lists) and too much of a mess to clean up.

As the first week came around my traffic stayed steady below 100 visitors:

  • Monday April 13th: 96 visitors
  • Tuesday, April 14th: 89 visitors
  • Wednesday, April 15th: 47 visitors
  • Thursday, April 16th: 67 visitors

As the second weekend came around, I managed to get a good 178 visitors on Friday, April 17th.

Saturday, April 18th was a good day as well with 134 visitors, since I started to play around with a social media strategy that I had thought of during the week. I would post a thread on the entrepreneur sub-reddit on Reddit and also post a few tweets on my Twitter account when I released a new post.

I would use a very attention-grabbing headline to get peoples attention*. Reddit has to be handled with care because their community can be very tricky to navigate. If your post has even a slight sound of self-promotion, they will tear you up and down vote you to hell.

*I have since noticed that overdoing the attention-grabbing headline can end up getting you negative results though to people’s skepticism and the overall nature of the Reddit community. Try to get peoples attention but don’t over promise. Always under promise and over deliver!

You have to provide the Reddit community some real value, so what I end up doing is posting a review or small part of the post on the actual Reddit post so that they can see that I am actually providing some real value to the entrepreneur community and if they want to learn more or read a more in depth review, then I link back to the post on my blog at the end of the post, but I never make the link to the site the main part of the post.

I did this a few weekends and managed to get few topics to get up voted but many more were down-voted and I learned about overdoing the attention-grabbing headline, or not providing the content first.

I also learned to sometimes just provide some value to the entrepreneur sub-reddit by posting links to video courses that are free online and having nothing to do with my blog. This allowed me to gain some credibility.

That way the community can see that you are there to actually provide help for people and the better the help you provide the more up votes your topics will get. If all you do is post blog posts from your personal site then people will not like you very much unless your posts are amazing every time, but most of the time those type of posts get down voted.

I managed to get a post to go, what I consider, “viral” since it got up-voted so much that it made it to thefront page of Reddit on the evening of Sunday, April 19th and it spiked my traffic up to 1,442 visitors onMonday, April 20th and to 1,940 visitors on Tuesday, April 21st.

I then posted that same post on Facebook and Twitter with the caption, “My post went Viral!” and that allowed my visits to do great that entire week, with 654 visitors on Wednesday, April 22nd, 481 visitors onThursday, April 23rd and 224 visitors on Friday, April 24th.

As you can see if you do not continue to work on getting your site out there the traffic begins to die down on its own.

That is why I implemented my social media schedule of posting on Reddit on weekends and following it up with a barrage of tweets plus Facebook* posts at the same time when releasing articles those days.

*The Facebook posts were from my personal account, as I did not feel that I had enough of a following to start a group or page, since I believe that it is better to not have a group if the only alternative is having single digit amount of likes. I will start one this month or the next once I feel the audience is large enough to get a positive response.

I continued to tweet during the week of course but during the weekend I went into overdrive to try and drive as much up votes as possible to my Reddit posts, since that was the main engine behind my traffic spikes.

The third weekend I managed to get another pretty popular post, though it did not go as high up as the “viral” post. I managed to get back to 674 visitors on Saturday, April 25th and to 1,460 visitors on Sunday, April 26th.

By this time I was managing to get some pretty good return traffic and had enough posts on my page that my bounce rate was decreasing quickly plus the length of time people stayed on my site were great. It had increased by a few minutes and most of my visitors stayed a few minutes, where as before the higher percentage of visitors only visited for a couple minutes or less and left.

That third week was a great week and the momentum from the weekend’s spike kept going strong, and kept me up.

The traffic for the third and final week of April were as follows:

  • Monday, April 27th: 852 visitors
  • Tuesday, April 28th: 507 visitors
  • Wednesday, April 29th: 1,215 visitors
  • Thursday, April 30th: 1,813 visitors

Thursday, April 30th was my biggest day of the month and also the last day of April.

My average visitors per day clocked in at 419, and the total number of visitors was 12,216.

So I hope that this post provided some insight into how The Legit Society is doing with traffic, and I hope that I was able to provide some transparency as to the methods that I used to spike my traffic on weekends, plus how I managed to keep the momentum going long enough to make my third week blow up and get me past 10,000 visitors in April.

Though the income may not be amazing right now, it will increase greatly in May, plus I will begin selling my eBook, “The Ultimate eCommerce Guide: From Broke To 6 Figures In 12 Months — Amazon Edition” about starting and growing an eCommerce business on Amazon, so that will bring in the majority of my income next month. My sales projections are coming in at around $3,500 to $4,000 from this blog and eBook alone in May if I work hard enough at it.

I will begin looking into ways to make some more income through this site as it is starting to take a good amount of time and effort to keep it up to the high standards I have for it.

I am also starting to work on my next two blog sites, my music star academy page and my designer prowebsite, so it will be tough doing the eBook launch, designing and bringing online two more blogs plus writing posts for them as well as The Legit Society. I also work full time at the software startup, Shipedge, in RTP so it is going to be difficulty but I am a dedicated entrepreneur and I can handle the extra work and extreme multi-tasking. All you have to do is setup some sort of schedule to work on and stick to it. Plus batch processing is extremely helpful.

Batch processing is figuring out a way to group similar tasks into groups and having a process in place to be able to work on the entire group of tasks at one time, versus doing everything one by one. It helps when you have to do a repetitive task that takes up a lot of your time. I can explain a little more into how to set this up if people are interested enough.

I am also in the final steps of researching the whole eCommerce business but that has also taken a low priority as I roll out the projects I have for May.


Once again this post has gone past 3,000 words as most of my recent posts have been extremely long and I hope that there is enough content and value in these to warrant the extra time it takes to both make these long posts and to read them as well.

I believe that the quality is what matters though so I prefer to write some long great articles instead of giving you a bunch of mediocre content and releasing a post a day.

So stay tuned for my next few posts this week as I will release the secret behind Fiverr and building backlinks for your site as well as my Twitter strategy for someone starting out with no followers to getting 1,000 followers the first month and building Twitter to be your biggest provider of traffic from a social media site as well as making it be your main form of contact through social media with your audience!

Remember to subscribe to the newsletter on the right sidebar, or the popup, every now and then, if you want to request your very own 1 on 1 consultation or if you have any sort of question regarding your own idea or business and I will try to help as much as I can, and if I can’t, then I will get you in contact with an entrepreneur or CEO that can!

My Start page and Resource page will also be going live this week so stay tuned for that as I have put some great content on those alone!

-Alving Garcia (