Hardcore western people (atheists and christians likewise) also “ban, detest and abhor" anything…
Merlin Linde

What constitutes “hate propaganda”? You are aware that there are some countries in the world that fully track and monitor Muslims such as Japan? 
I am not for villifying muslims and labelling them as terrorists but I do understand that security is much more complicated than it looks on the surface. 
The problem that’s becoming evident is while most muslims are peaceful and loving in their homelands, a certain proportion of them are not peaceful and loving when they emigrate to the western world. Islam’s concept of brotherhood means its very difficult for devout believers to turn in their radical brethren else they’ll be excommunicated. When such issues arise, how are security personnel supposed to react? 
I think the world has come to accept “alternative truths” the problem is when you accept “alternate truths” and your acceptance makes your lax and passive concerning your own peace, security and safety. That’s all there is to it really.

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