Avengers Assemble

TEAMWORK! What’s the first thing that comes to mind when this statement comes to mind? For me, the avengers. I have been a fan since the rise of Marvel Cinematic Universe, with the first Ironman movie being its rise to success. Having that in mind, I learned a great deal about the importance of teamwork. You might be wondering how but its self explanatory, making reference to the statement “Avengers Assemble”. This is a team of several skilled individuals who achieved great things while working together. A combination of their different powers made them unstoppable. Simple, right? This shows that everyone has different abilities and skills, useful to the team. The fact that Hawkeye, a guy with a bow and arrow can work alongside Thor, a god from Asgard with a magic hammer that is theoretically indestructible says a lot about teamwork. “Everyone always has something to offer”. A statement Captain America said,

Ironman: “We're the Avengers...how do we cope with something like that?”

Captain America: “Together.”

Brings me back to my current state, the 3rd day of Andela Boot Camp. The current interaction I have had with my team. It felt like destiny really because one of my blockers was the commute and one of my teammates has a car. She pointed out how lucky I was, keeping in mind I have a weekly budget of less than thousand shillings. Maureen Kibetu wherever you are, God bless you. Having interacted with her I learned the importance of organisation of duties. She has a way of arranging her duties well and following through . After being assigned to the team at first I felt out of place because I was the youngest among them. Maureen was a working woman with a car and Harrison Gitau seemed too smart and organised. I was relieved to see my LFA, him being a guy almost the same age as me. I felt he would understand my blockers and advice me on how to solve them according to how he would.

Kaka Ruto, the most interesting LFA I have met. The fact that he blossomed over people older than him is awesome. After my first interaction with him, I automatically assumed I had made it to Andela. I knew he would take me to victory, and I also told him that. An LFA is supposed to be easy to talk to and also be resourceful. He portrayed the skills I knew I needed to help me achieve success. Honestly I was hopeless before I met him because several endpoints were still not working and my tests were bogus. The first feedback from him was to fix my tests and after fixing them, I realized how important communication with him would be. He is simple in his feedback and his way of teaching is effective. Meeting him was destined. I believe working with him will lead me to success.

Miss Kibetu. My free ride to Juja. I honestly had an issue with transportation, keep in mind there was an ongoing matatu strike affecting us. Meeting her was the best thing ever. I interacted with her and learned how to be God fearing and still have fun. She has a hardworking characteristic am trying to employ. Her personality is simply magnificent. A good woman with a good soul. Her first assist was not about code but free advice about holding on and fighting harder. I learned a great deal during our first trip to Juja. On our communicative platform she was ready to assist with issues affecting my challenge 2.

I haven’t quite interacted with Harrison Gitau well enough but so far he has helped me through my blockers and sent relevant information via Slack to go through. He has this aura he portrays, a smart guy aura. He is quite intimidating but very resourceful. I wouldn’t have fixed my issues without him.

So in conclusion, when captain America said, “together”, he meant that whatever the issue, whether big or small, it can be solved when people put aside their differences and work together. Nothing is too big for a team.