Yelp Fired A Single Mother Today: Me
Jaymee Senigaglia

Getting fired is hard, sorry to hear.

This reads like: I am exceptional among those that are not really noteworthy and here is why, interspersed with poor decision making (moving somewhere that you can’t cover rent as a childless person or single mother is just not sustainable), the 300% loan, etc.

Also how do you care for someone while in the ICU? Are you also employed as a nurse?

Since you put it out there, was the BF not living with you nor helping you w the rent?

Finally, lots of people have sick kids or kids with disabilities (single or married)!

Getting kind of tired of people who think they are unique because of a myriad of circumstances coupled with being a single parent.

The truth is, you are not the first and won’t be the last single parent having a rough go of it.

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