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Perfumes and colognes can be an expensive beauty product. But if you get the right fragrance for your long lasting perfume, it can be much more cost effective. Luckily perfumes and colognes can be made to last longer and therefore save you a few bucks. You will not only save money on your perfumes you will also be able to smell fresh the whole day.

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Use petroleum jelly

Using petroleum jelly to make your perfume last longer is one of the most conventional ways to make sure your scent sticks. What you need to do is spray the perfume on your skin first. Then apply the petroleum jelly over the perfume.

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In theory, the jelly will mask the perfume and reduces the chances of it evaporating too fast making it a long lasting perfume. Since jelly has a very high porosity rate, it is able to let an ample amount of scent through it enabling you to smell fresh.

Use moisturizer to make it long lasting perfume

This again is very closely related to using petroleum jelly with your perfume or cologne. But using a moisturizer with your cologne uses an entirely different concept, but stays just as valid.

Apply the perfume on your body and the applied moisturizer. With a moist skin, the perfume has a less likely chance to evaporate and leave your skin beer. This is just as effective as the previous method, with the added advantage of leaving your skin moist and smelling good.

Apply perfume on Damp skin

Apply the perfume immediately after the shower when your skin is still wet. This will help you retain the cologne scent in two ways.

First, with damp skin, the perfume is less likely to evaporate after applying, making it a long lasting perfume. And to the skin pores are still open after showering enabling the skin to better absorb the scent.

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Spray perfume on target area

The strategy is everything in perfume application. There are Central points on the body that better retain the smell than others. Many people prefer spraying their colognes on clothes, but this is one of the most wasteful ways of spraying your perfume. If you spray the perfume on the clothes, the dry fiber quickly releases the perfume leaving the scent dry.

Try applying it on these central points;

  1. Your neck
  2. Wrists
  3. Behind your knees
  4. Behind your elbows
  5. Chest
  6. Stomach

By using your perfume in these central areas, the scent is more likely to stick longer. These primary perfume points are in less contact with environmental pressures such as wind and heat hence less liable to evaporate.

They are also in less contact with dirt which may dilute and disorient the scent.

The best part about using these central body points is that they are in direct touch with the cloth, enabling the perfume to slip into the clothes creating and even longer lasting scent.

Spray your cologne on your hairbrush

Many people recommend you spray your perfume on your hair. There is a lot of truth with this strategy. The hair retains liquids better. All you have to do to ascertain this is for drying your body after a shower isn’t it much harder drying your hair.

I recommend this for alcoholic based perfumes

For women using this strategy to apply perfume is much difficult. If you rub the cologne roughly, it may cause your hairdo tangle, removing one problem while creating another. Instead, apply the perfume to your hairbrush. The perfume will be able to penetrate the hair much deeper by using the hairbrush and in the end, leave your hair smooth.

Don’ts when applying perfume to make it a long lasting perfume

Don’t rub wrists after spraying perfume

This will instantly create pressure and heat, hence evaporation the perfume instantaneously. Instead, wait a few minutes for it to dry by itself.

Don’t waste the last drops

This is particularly the case with oil based perfumes. The perfume is very sticky, and quite an amount sticks on the perfume bottle. Instead of throwing this container away pour your lotion into the container and mix it with the cologne. In the end, you have a scented lotion.

Don’t shake perfume container

Perfumes are a combination of many volatile bases. By shaking the perfume, the volatile compounds may losses some of their aspects making the fragrance weak and making the perfume not able to last longer.

Don’t store the cologne in bathrooms or outside its box

Proper storage of your perfume is crucial. By sorting the cologne in its box, you avoid it from coming into contact with light (certain wavelengths breakdown perfumes), heat and pressure. Don’t store it in the bathroom as the heat and moisture may temper with the fragrance.

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