Bootcamp Experiences that Posed Great Changes.

Andela bootcamp 12 experience was different from my previous bootcamp, 9. A number of things were being done from a different approach:

The whole of week one studies had been changed to home-based sessions, except for two self-learning clinic days. This was not easy for me because it was not an experience I had encountered before. It had implications like staying away from the reliable Internet infrastructure earlier afforded at the institution, and also an opportunity for direct interaction with experienced Andela fellows and instructors.

This experience however changed my perception: I began looking for alternative sources of communication. It made me leverage more on my social networks to reach out to the same people I would have directly interacted with one on one.

On the days we attended the self learning clinics and the second week of the bootcamp, we have not been training at the dojo, but at a separate flat. Moving from the dojo to the new site has not been easy, especially because it is across a busy road and it is rainy.

The positive about it is that I had a higher chance of interacting with the bootcamp facilitators and instructors assigned to us, more than it was at the dojo because I had fewer people to gain the maximum from.

A new system of evaluating deliverables had been implemented, such that at the end of each day, there were submissions to make and a deadline to beat. This was a real challenge because it required working under pressure and deliver in time. It was however a good opportunity to grow more accountable and refrain from giving excuses.

At the end of week one, I took part in an improv exercise in which I was to assume I were a student seeking to row as a software engineer, and was required to build a relationship with an established expert in the field.

They way I shook his hand in this exercise was wrong: it was informal and preferably for peers. I sustained the conversation successfully but forgot to ask for contacts for future communication and failed to pitch myself for an internship opportunity in his organizations.

In exposing my mistakes, I got an opportunity to hear from my fellow bootcampers and facilitators on what I would have done and additional things to do. This was an opportunity to learn and change.