Introducing myself.

My name is Alvin Mutisya, I am an upcoming software developer. I am leaning on how to build web applications, using python language and frameworks.

I recently graduated from college with a Bachelor of Science degree in Microprocessor Technology and Instrumentation.

When I take a break off technology, I play rugby and listen to Jazz music, I am looking forward to purchasing my saxophone soon.

Based on the knowledge I have recently acquired in programming (particularly in Python), I am able to write quality code and create web applications to solve real life problems.

Having collaborated at various levels has made me a good communicator with time. I have worked in teams along other developers in building various products. Off coding, playing rugby requires both tactics and strong communication skills, both of which have made me better over time.

My long term goal after becoming a professional software developer is to dedicate time and nurture other software developers and create a pool of developers, while still writing applications to solve problems, preferably in the health sector.

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