My Bootcamp Experience, Day 3:

Today marks the last day of the bootcamp home sessions.The journey has been tough but worthwhile.

Over the three-day sprint, I have learned to keep track of more than one activity simultaneously: I had to sustain conversations with fellow group members and all bootcampers in general, at the same time working on our code and checking out score cards for feedback.

I have learned that in the work environment, communicating professionally is of importance, and this entails understanding and applying the 7Cs of communication: This ensures that the intended information is passed with ease and without ambiguity.

I have added to my coding knowledge on Object Oriented programming (OOP), and that the use of classes in programs makes code both understandable and easy to use.

On version control, I have learned that mistakes committed earlier on submits can be edited later and resubmitted, but this does not erase the history. If complete replacement of a file is required then the new commit made should refer to the exact HEAD of the previous commit.

My understanding on the use of a README file has increased; This file should contain detailed information about the code for which it is written.

Finally, the home session has helped me in learning to deal with uncertainties which result from factors like poor network coverage and power shortages.