Aesthetics IA # 3: Up Close and Personal (Synthesis)

This week, we were able to enumerate some of the greatest professional artists and three of them have caught my attention, namely: Mrs. Nova Villa (actress), Ms. Angel Hernandez Bisquerra (Business/Art Boutique Owner), and of course, Mr. Yannie Rumbaoa (coin engraver). These people are all inventive artists, yet they have their own uniqueness, and also likenesses. Their differences pertain to their specific field in art since they have their own ways of expressing their feelings; Mrs. Villa is through acting, Ms. Angel is through making art crafts, and Mr. Yannie is through graving Philippine coins. On the other hand, their similarity is that all of them struggled in order to be where they are now. From the interviews, I have perceived how much they sacrificed in order to be an artist. With faith, hard work and perseverance, they were able to tower achievements and make our country proud.

As I’ve mentioned, the three of them made our country proud because as artists, they’ve played remarkable roles in the society. For example, being a simple Art Boutique owner like Ms. Angel has given Philippines a chance to boost sales in marketing and expand our economy. We are able to develop our Filipino products, spread creativity, and remove the idea of colonial mentality. Through her eye-catching products, she was also able to give out the real meaning of art. Another example is being an actress, like Mrs. Nova Villa. With her astonishing skills, she has given society hope and entertainment. She herself has made me realize how noble it is to be in the world of showbiz, based on her interview. Her role is basically to be an inspiration to all Filipinos, just like any other actors and actresses here in the country. The last example would be Mr. Yannie, who was ingenious and diligent enough to be the first ever Filipino coin engraver. As we hold coins unto our hands, we also embrace the works of this fellowman. He may have faced hindrances, but look at how fruitful his works are now. His role as a coin engraver has given Filipinos a chance to showcase our talents, and to indicate that we don’t always rely to other countries when it comes to creativity. And based on his interview, he’s still putting his feet on the ground, despite of his head being on the clouds. Meaning, he is still humble even if he has already attained his breath-taking goals. These simple yet mind-blowing things are the reasons why they are truly a blessing in our country.

With all of those things mentioned, I really am speechless of how great of an artist these people are. Yes, we can say that being an artist is tough for you have to take risks and do what inspires you, but these three, and millions other artists are able to do it, then why can’t I? I just hope in the near future that I am also able to acquire their personalities wherein they have courage in what they are doing, they have strong faith in God, they’re passionate, and they inspire themselves from their own works and the works of others. I expect myself to be more confident, as they are right now. I want to be the person who inspires people and never gives up, no matter how hard situations are, for I know that God has reasons and plans which are way better than my goals. And most of all, just like them, I also want to make my country proud and be an artist myself.

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