Honor thy Father Reflection

From the title itself, Honor thy Father depicts a story focusing on the survival of a family and its horrendous experience living in this treacherous world. The said film comprises a plot of a couple (Egay & Kaye), along with their daughter, striving to unleash themselves from the wicked hands of their parishioner whom threatens their lives if they won’t pay their 6-million debt (from the investment scam that went wrong) within two weeks.

Humanity was lost, and it’s truly devastating since it’s gradually happening in the real world. Throughout the film, we’ve witnessed cruel acts: from stepping on people’s rights to crimes to inhuman behaviours.It was like a gunshot right to our heart, for we relate to these unacceptable situations in our country. First of all, the on-going pyramiding scam which has led people to deceive, to file countless cases, to argue, to curse, and even to take away one’s life. Second, a domineering religion who has captured the hearts, and of course, the money of innocent people that ended to be untruthful and dishonest. Although the movie has no intention of mentioning a specific religion, we have heard of controversies like these before. Third, the class inequality that has been existing for decades. Rich or poor, both of these classes deal with having their own mechanics in order to lucratively commit crimes and gain nothing but greediness and money. In other words, the rich empowers discontentment and the poor fuels for survival. Robbing or burglary is the number one act of crime for this matter. And fourth, we have seen how effectively money runs the world, but this time, in an immoral way. It’s foolish how people would do anything just to have this rectangular paper with stored values and that’s just clearly wrong. As God said, we can never claim anything from this world to the kingdom of heaven; not money, or power, or luxurious mansions, or everything that you’ve worked hard for since all of these will soon vanish as we all die one by one. Nevertheless, being discontented despite of having enough is an awful sin which we cannot deny. And the true people, who are satisfied, remind themselves how to live life with the quote tattooed on their minds: “Money can’t buy real happiness”. Without a doubt, I totally agree with this. I would compare this movie to a ladder which I use to climb on, and be able see what’s over the barrier or the obstacle which hinders me from opening my eyes and comprehend the actual goings-on in our surroundings. Definitely, I got more aware and at the same time, crestfallen to observe these circumstances. I just have this anticipation that someday, in the near future where there are no rich or poor, no crimes, no killings, and just sustain happiness, all of us would be capable of acquiring humanity in our hearts as we strive to live. The movie has given me grief that made my heart burst into pieces as I watch it from the beginning until the end.

Of course, I take my hat off to Mr. John Lloyd Cruz for doing such a satisfactory job portraying his character. It was just astonishing how serious and desperate he had been just to ensure his family’s safety and well-being. Well, that’s just how fathers think and act, right? Though it was truly shattering to see his wife die in his arms just like that, after all he’s been through. I have no words enough to explain how breathtaking every scene was. Moreover, I can perceive how much the title “Honor Thy Father” suits the film. To be honest, after watching it, I just wanted to go home and hug my dad. To Mr. Erik Matti, I, along with my whole fellowmen, give you our gratitude and thanks for creating this superb film which made us burst into tears.

All in all, the movie has given me such feels and emotions, but it a good way. Also, it had occurred to me that it was sort of an open ending since I was left with questions in my mind like “What happened to their daughter?” “What waits next to Egay’s life?” “Would those bad guys hunt them again?”, etc. Well, maybe that’s one good thing about the movie: we audiences have our own endings. It was marvellous, well thought, and we’ve seen enormous sacrifices just to make an exceptional movie like this one. Words are not enough to elaborate how honoured I am to watch this eye-opener film. A huge thanks to my aesthetics professor for introducing it! And also, a huge thank you to everyone who has contributed to this movie for it has reminded me of pain, yet taught us lessons relevant to life. I love it!

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