Some Introductions are in Order

I spend too much time on the title, the way it looks, what other people will think, instead of what I really want to say and write. It always ends up with me googling possible sites to write on, clicking the link, creating an account, and thinking of a username appropriate for what I want to write about. This takes forever, and nothing ever gets done.

So let me put it all out there. I’ve always enjoyed writing, and I have so many thing I want to write about. Regardless of who reads this, who comments, or who is affected, I just want to do this for my peace of mind.

I am a millennial, born in the 1980's, working in a bank. My favorite teacher in high school got me hooked on writing, but my parents wanted a more stable future for myself, thus I went on to become a banker. I play video games, but not as much as I would want to though. I love movies and tv shows, reading books, comics, and manga. I met my wife at work. One of the most memorable things we did as we started dating was watch Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist on a laptop in her house. We fell in love with music playing in our heads. I always imagined the two of us in a tv show and the perfect song plays during the perfect moment. Now, we just had our first kid, and I am happy, scared, and tired all at the same time.

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