Perfectionist moving ahead

To perfectionists: you get closer to perfection each time you allow moving ahead with imperfection because only then a new reality can be created for you to base on and make more improvements relevant to perfection. (imperfection which “won’t tear down the whole house” that is)

The energy of perfectionism is a strong force that can move you to your destination or hold you back like held underneath a mountain. May you direct the force within you rather than let it run wild or depress yourself by suppressing it. Give it some directions, try the above.

#ImprovementForPerfection #BitByBit #PracticalPerfection

To imperfectionists: hope the above isn’t used as an excuse.

While the above is written in a generic manner, it shares some common aspects in the context of entrepreneurship with lean startup, Agile approach, $100 startup.