Tessel hackathon

Due to the intense course workload, I wasn’t able to blog as often as I wanted.

But recently, we had a Tessel Hackathon event at Fullstack, where you are given a Tessel and a few modules. My team and I decided to solve two problems of our everyday life.

Problem 1: Midnight snacking is a must for me, but it would be great if someone came up to me and simply stopped me.

Problem 2: When working in a company of any size, people tend to ‘mistaken’ your food for theirs. They will then simply devour whatever is left in the fridge/freezer.

Solution: To stop me from constant snacking, wouldn’t it be great if someone came up and asked me “Hey, do you really need that?” This might help me shed a few ice cream pounds. And with a little camera capturing the picture every time the fridge opens, you will be able to identify that thief that steals your yogurt every morning.

Design: The accelerometer is attached to the fridge door. Every time the door swings open, it will trigger an event which in turn will capture a picture using the webcam, followed by playing a default uploaded audio file saying “Hey, do you really need that?”


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