MC10: Reshaping Healthcare

Nowadays, researchers in healthcare industry have realized that the big data has become the key to a leap development. Our body provides numerous data which can show the status or give prediction of our health. Some wearable devices were developed to monitor people’s health level such as Jawbone and Fitbit. Unfortunately, the inconvenience of wearing them externally makes many users lay those devices aside. In order to solve this problem, a startup founded in 2008 developed a revolutionary electronic wearable equipment called “Biostamp”. It redefines the boundaries between human and electronics in an innovational way.

Their product, Biostamp, is thinner than bandage and as large as two stamps. It can be stuck to nearly everywhere on the body no matter how twisted the position is like a tattoo. Their purpose is that electronic devices should fit people’s body instead of people’s fitting to devices. The Biostamp is waterproof and has a long standby time. Users do not need to change them frequently and it may not affect people’s sleeping and physical training. It achieves what current devices cannot do because it doesn’t have influence on comfortability and the integrity of data. The sensor inside monitors the temperature, movement condition, heart rate and other health data, then sends feedback to users and their doctors. Another product called WiSP is based on similar technology with Biostamp. It’s used to monitor heart, recording ECG and heart rate. Current devices are rigid, bulky but WiSP is flexible and malleable. It’s the first cardiac monitor built with patients.

After getting data, one more important thing is to analyze them. MC10 developed two platform: BioStampRC and BioStampMD. Former is an end-to-end system, including mobile interface, cloud storage and analysis tools. Patients and researchers can focus on different aspects. Users pay attention to the change of their health status while researchers are able to adjust sensors and observe real-time data flow. BioStampMD provides a new way to quantify the effect of surgery.

Some diseases need to be kept tracking, such as coronary heart disease, epilepsy and Parkinson’s Disease. With Biostamp and WiSP, doctors won’t be limited by time and space. Everything will be monitored dynamically. Once the patient is suffered from the attack of disease, it will be captured immediately. Then doctors can save his or her life in time.

Many corporations have started cooperation with MC10 and their products. MC10 has massive data of people’s health. L’Oréal is one of them and it uses their technology to track the change of skin over time and analyze the correlation between ultraviolet and sunburn. Their product is a fusion of L’Oréal’s research on skins and biometrics technology of MC10. UCB is also cooperating with MC10. It combines their pharmaceutical products and MC10’s sensor together to make a positive difference in the lives of people living with severe neurological disorders.

MC10 has unlimited potential. Their multi-subject team are doing their best to guarantee the continuity of healthcare. It’s excited to see their cooperation with other companies and their leading of revolution to the medical industry.

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