Alvin in complete agreement and university is now nothing. But propaganda.
Jack Maltz

I’m not sure what you mean by universities being propaganda, but perhaps some of the stuff I studied could be considered liberal propaganda. In particular required reading in English classes about human rights, homosexuality, the poor endlessly suffering Jews… that kind of thing…but then the average Hollywood movie is about that stuff too…and I wouldn’t really call it “propaganda” although clearly some professors have a personal agenda to promote (I also had some very right-wing conservative profs here and there too)…

All things considered, I think the average university education has elements of the left and the right and balances out..especially when you consider all the kinds of exposure you get outside of classes as well.

Now, if you wanna talk about propaganda, turning human beings into unthinking, uncaring factory workers and subjects of whoever the current “authority is”, let’s talk about grades K-12….there I would agree wholeheartedly that the human spirit is destroyed, free expression is frowned on and curtailed, and children are treated as prisoners with strictly enforced rules, and even cases of random searches and the like.

University life reverses at least some of that programming, in my opinion and experience..not all, but at least you have freedom and the chance to take classes like philosophy and such, and learn the fundamentals of critical thinking.

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