Is eating no meat actually doing more harm than good?

Just because land cannot be “used” any other way than grazing cows on it, doesn’t mean it should be done. As an example, the whole ecosystem and much of the topsoil of much of America has been altered and practically destroyed by 150 years of cattle. Long term, this is a disaster. The hooves destroy the delicate root structures of everything that hold together the topsoil, and the eating habits of the cows don’t leave much of whatever plants to survive. Same with sheep. You should read what John Muir wrote about how sheep destroyed alpine meadows in the Sierra Nevada as a great example. Meadows and plains ecosystems are VERY fragile and can take decades or centuries to recover, if there is any topsoil left.

Use, or abuse?

Recent work with native animals in North America, such as bison, have shown much more promising results..they have different hooves and actually seem to help the ecosystem stay healthy.

Perhaps if you are going to advertise using land this way, you should find out what the native animals were where you live and experiment with those…cows and sheep are awful choices for long-term sustainability. Perhaps deer or antelope or rabbits are native to your area?

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