I’m So Fucking Sick Of Food
Silvia Killingsworth

You have achieved meta-food blogging with this one! Blogging about food blogging! Congrats!

This is a trend, nothing more. It’s the newest thing to share with an every over-burdened set of people, like yourself, that just are getting sick of wasting hours each day looking at other people’s fucking stupid everyday shit (hey, you started the swearing! Ok, “pre-shit”…happy with that?)

What will be the next one? Maybe once someone invents a $5 USB microscope for the masses, we can look at actual intestinal bacteria and other really small, teeny-tiny shit? That would be as cool as food…for about, oh, 3 weeks.

But something always does come along in popular culture, you can be sure of that much.

I’ll go back to my monochrome grey, goopy, unexciting bowl of oats, and enjoy the fuck out of it all to my lonesome. Maybe even wash it down with a goddamned shitpile Budweiser or something equally boring…and you know what? It will be divine. :-) You can imagine it, because I won’t share….

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