This is how Google will collapse
Daniel Colin James

You keep telling yourself that. Google is very, very far from collapse and is doing a lot more than search and ads, and Youtube has more viewing-hours than TV (cable and broadcast combined)… I recently investigated advertising with Google and you’d be shocked at the prices they can and do charge for their targetted ads…and clearly people happily pay them for some reason…probably because they pay off.

Facebook has no future..when people finally start to leave that it will happen overnight. The only reason anyone uses Facebook is because “their friends use it” but that same curve that led to their success will simply invert in the same fashion.

Amazon does, for sure, but it is a much different kind of company than Google…Amazon is a commerce company that sells stuff, Google is a company that deals in organizing information which is useful in every human endeavor you can think of, and besides that Google is doing about a million other things, any or all of which could become huge on their own.

Google is going to get much, much bigger…can you think of anything that cannot be made more efficient and better by computer algorithms organizing information?

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